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An Unlikely Collaborative

What happens when you take an Australian living in Canada, two Oklahomans, and some California natives that have never met before and throw them into a small room together? An Unlikely Collaborative.

Let me break this down. My friend, Kid Hudson, is an Australian musician who moved to Vancouver, Canada last month and came to Los Angeles to record some music and make a video. Everyone else? He met them online and brought them together for this magical evening of creativity and collaboration.

The Song

Before we jump into the Collaborative that took place on Saturday, I have to discuss the crazy studio session that happened on Friday. This is where I met Dibs, the super talented music producer that Kid tapped to create this tune, “It’s No Secret”.

While I am not going to go into detail about the song that is “It’s No Secret”, but this song is going to be a killer tune! Kid wrote this song a few years back, and if you look hard enough, you might be able to find a version of that on the internet.

Kid flies into town on Thursday night. He spends Friday in the studio with Dibs making this killer new tune…and Saturday he spends the day taking photos and making a video.

The Photoshoot

The day started in Hollywood with Avery Klein taking headshots of Kid. There I also met Casey Klein (Avery’s assistant) and Kimberly Hawkins (the makeup artist). Instantly I knew things were going to be lit (is that still cool to say?).

As Kid Hudson got his make up done, Avery, Casey, and I chatted about our lives and what brought us to the Kid Hudson Collaborative. I am talking to these incredible girls and just thinking, “Wow, I feel like we’ve been friends for years!”.

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Turns out that Avery and Casey were from Oklahoma. Casey is an artist, and you should check out her Instagram! Avery is a photographer who has a wide array of styles she can do, and you should also check out her gram page (is that a thing?). The two moved to Los Angeles for more creative opportunities. It turns out that they are the most talented photography team I think I’ve worked with in a long time.

The Video Shoot

After a whirlwind photoshoot, we drive 35 minutes to a 40×40 office/studio space to shoot a video. It is at this moment when we run into Alberto Mendoza, another Orange County native. Alberto is the director and editor of the music video and he walked into this video completely blind.

As mentioned above, Kid was literally in the studio the night before making the song. In most cases, you have the song weeks or months before making a video. We didn’t even have a final mixed version of the song the day of.

Alberto was a total rockstar! He came in with some ideas and took every idea from the makeup artist, photographer and assistant, and me. He got extremely creative shots and took this video to the next level! I cannot wait for you to see this video. Go and show Alberto some love!

For every Kid Hudson video, you need a beautiful leading lady! Meet Aviana! Such a beautiful girl whose main gig is modeling. From my understanding, she’s not really an actress, but she did incredible!

Aviana showed up on time (GASP!) and ready to get into the makeup chair. Sporting a stunning Cheetah Print dress, she took every note to heart and made them better. A true natural talent, Aviana showed us that not only is she a beautiful model but a top notch actress. You are going to want to follow her (On Instagram, you weirdo!).

The Takeaway

Here is what I learned: When you take 7 people from 7 different walks of life and 7 different talents and throw them into a small room together, you will get magic.

Kid Hudson did something that I haven’t seen before: he created a team with no egos and no drama and no history of working together and made it work.

I walked into this project knowing 1 person and I walked out with 5 news friends. I loved working with these people and look forward to celebrating Casey birthday in October (I want to say its like the 19th but I am probably off!).

My lesson for you: take risks on who you work with, you never know what type of friendships you’ll make in the process.

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