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Blogging Through Proverbs 1

In the interest of full disclosure; I am writing these blogs in effect to help me find my way back to the Lord. Your prayers and encouragement are welcome!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
    fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Pro. 1:7)

A few years back, I was firing on all 6 cylinders, as they say. I had a fire for the Lord, I was in good standings with my church and I was serving on a regular basis. Fast forward to today and I am not as dedicated as a should be. I read this morning as and I believe it was a special nudge from the Lord.

In this verse, I don’t believe that the word “fear” truly means being afraid. I believe that the word fear is meaning to respect. Once we respect the Lord for his power and place in our life, we can begin to know the truth. It isn’t until we’ve accepted Christ into our lives that we begin to understand the truth of sinning. In the New Testament, Jesus talks about hate being the same as murder and lust is the same as adultery, the world doesn’t see it the same way and the world also doesn’t know the Lord.

We must fear our parents in order to listen to them. Not fear them to be afraid, but fear them in the same way as respecting them. A child that has no respect for their father will not learn from his father.

A fool despises wisdom and instruction. That’s important to look at. You are foolish if you don’t listen to the wisdom in your life. We all have those moments in which we get some good wisdom that we don’t listen to. When it’s time to get the receipt for not listening, we feel foolish.

Remember to fear the Lord and accept wisdom.

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