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Dear Clintons: Stop Suiciding People. Sincerely, America

The following is satirical.

Dear Mr. President Bill Clinton & Former First Lady and 3 Time Loser of a Presidential Campaign, Hillary Clinton,

I am writing to you on behalf of the American people. We have a simple request: Please stop suiciding people. Even the bad ones.

Mr. Epstein was our final straw. He was for sure an evil man. He deserved to live to be given some real justice. The American people would have turned a blind eye on almost any dirt he may have had on you.

Look, we understood when you suicided Vince Foster, he probably needed to go. But Epstein still had a debt that he had to pay, That debt was to the American people and his victims.

Seth Rich is another man who may or may not have been suicided by you. We get it — he HAD to go. Unlike Epstein, Rich probably had something on you but he did little to nothing wrong to others. We get it.

So Mr. President, Mrs. Loser, please stop suiciding people.



Disclaimer: If I end up dying, it was the Clintons.

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