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Dear Hillary, Please Run.

Dear Hillary Clinton;

Please run for President.

Madam Secretary, we all know that you want to run again. Everyone knows that you are watching the debates and itching to being the woman in the center of the stage telling everyone why you’re the “right” choice.

Lets be real, Former First Lady, you are dying to be in the public spotlight again. Your Hulu show is coming out and what a great way to announce your official candidacy?

Imagine: You finish watching an ungodly amount of Hillary Clinton on your Hulu account and at the very end, “Hi, I’m Hillary. And I am running for President…again…again.”

You still think you beat President Trump. And don’t get me wrong, you did in the popular vote. However, where it really mattered, you fell short. Real short.

Senator Clinton, you know you want to be the first woman ever to be nominated for President of the United States by a major political party for the third time. Heck, we all want you to make history again by being the first woman to lose three almost consecutive Presidential bids in a row (and lets be real, you would have ran in 2012 if Obama wasn’t in office).

Mrs. Clinton, you lost to President Trump twice (On Election Night and in December when the delegates voted). Not only that, but you became the first Presidential candidate to have faithless electors in YEARS.

Hillary… can I call you Hillary?… please run. Make 2020 fun. Please, make politics fun again. Show the world what “this future President” can still be President… or lose again.

Plus, do you really think that Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders (one of whom you hate – I wonder which) can defeat President Trump? I mean, if you and the establishment couldn’t, how could they?

What do we have to do to see Hillary 2020?



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