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I have an addiction and I need your help to beat it

I have an addiction and I need your help to beat it.

For years I have been battling an addiction. I’ve been quiet about it the last year or so because I have finally gotten to the mindset that I don’t need to beat the addiction anymore. In fact, I gave up on trying to better myself in general.

In early 2017, I lost my mom. She died of terminal illness and I haven’t been the same since then. This event is partial to blame for me diving deeper into my addiction and also the reason why I have decided to seek help.

In the interest of full disclosure, this addiction isn’t with something that is dangerous or deadly. But it’s an addiction none the less.

16: the number of regular sodas I drank in one day.

soft drink being poured into a glass

A few weeks ago I was at work and had $20 in singles I had accumulated over the course of a few days. We have a vending machine in the office that sells all sorts of drinks and we also have a water cooler. I usually drink about 4 or 5 30oz cups of water throughout the day and maybe 3 sodas (I know, it’s a lot).

On this particular day, I felt the urge to drink a soda. So I purchased one. 15 minutes later I drank another one. And then another one. And then another one (I feel like DJ Khalid – ANOTHER ONE!). Next thing you know, I am walking out of the office to head home and I only had $4 left. To my shock, I had drunk 16 sodas in 6 hours. I felt disgusting (on a side note, between myself and others in the office, I had over 30 cans to recycle plus a few bottles!).

Something needs to change.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have dedicated myself to drinking primarily water. This last week alone, I have

drunk over 4 gallons of water in just 3 days. It’s quite a bit of water. Funny thing is, I love water (Well, I learned to love it).

But I still allow myself to drink one or two sodas a day. By allowing myself one or two sodas a day, I truly allow myself an excuse to drink soda. I find myself ordering soda when I go out to eat with friends or I’ll pick up a 6 pack on my way home from work. This needs to change.

I am honestly in need of tips on how to overcome this addiction. I need to learn how to replace soda with water and how to make sure that I can kick this habit. What have you done to kick the habit of soda?

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