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If A 9-11 Event Happened Today, Would America Unite?

Before I begin, I want to send my condolences to the families of the fallen from 9-11. The events that happened 16 years ago still haunt me to this day and have shaped my view of the world. America rose to a unified front during the months after 9-11. May God bless the families of the victims of 9-11.

If A 9-11 Event Happened Today, Would America Unite?

16 Years ago, a 9-year-old Ruben Jay woke up for school to see the United States in a state of terror. Two planes flew into the World Trade Centers, 1 plane into the Pentagon, and a plane crashed into the fields of Pennsylvania and would cause the beginning of the “War on Terror”, lead my Former President George Bush. In all, close to 3,000 people lost their lives that day, and thousands more would lose their lives in the wars that followed.

9-11, to this day, brings tears to my eyes. It was the first big challenge I’ve seen this country in, and I was proud to see the American people step up and help the people of New York.

The good that came from 9-11

With all the bad that came from 9-11, there was some good that came of it, even if just for a moment.

We the people of the United State became one. We were no longer divided by the results of an election or the difference of the social scene of the time. Granted, I was 9 years old and I don’t actually remember the social scene of the time. For me, the biggest problem that I had to worry about was if I was going to remain undefeated in that week’s Hand Ball Tournament. Nonetheless, America had a common goal: Heal. Much like a family after losing a loved one, people spent so much time together.

My pastor tells the story of them holding a prayer service that night and having a church filled with grieving and scared people. They were seeking the Lord in this time of unknown. People loved on one another. People prayed for one another. People helped one another.

If it happened today, would America Unite?

A lot has changed in the 16 years since 9-11. To be completely honest, it’s gotten worse in those 16 years. If a 9-11 style attack would happen on American soil today, I believe that America would fall under the pressure and divide that is in this world.

Would President Donald Trump be able to bring the American people together? Would the people of the United States even try to come together? Or would they be too worried about if President Trump was truly concerned for the American people?

America has a long history of coming together during times of tragedy, but would we do it again? I believe that the Left would be too busy being offended than trying to Unify. But who knows. May God give protection the United States.

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