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My Thoughts On Gun Control

Over the weekend, three shootings took place, claiming the lives of way too many people. Too many innocent lives were lost over the weekend at the hands of lunatic white guys. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victims and the communities affected by these shootings.

As we take the first steps toward moving on, it’s become apparent that my friends on the left want to control guns and my friends on the right want to control video games. Both sides are missing the point here.

I do believe that we need to make sure military grade weaponry is not easily available for just anyone. It is already hard for law abiding citizens to get their hands on those guns. We need to make sure the high capacity magazines are hard to get. They already are in many cases.

Why can’t we create a system that allows friends and families to flag individuals who we don’t think should own a gun? One of the shooters who got their gun legally was known for having “kill lists” and “rape lists.” Why wasn’t he flagged? Why couldn’t one of his peers have reported him to the police, had him flagged, and prevented him from getting a gun legally?

Oh, even better still, let’s make it almost impossible for a responsible gun owner to get a gun! Be it for hunting OR for display. Let’s make sure that no good guy can carry a gun on him, and just settling for hoping no bad guy comes walking into your local Walmart and opens fire. Yeah…that won’t work.

Sure, there are things we can do to make sure it’s harder for lunatics to get their hands on guns. However, that will only work for so long. People will find a way to get their hands on a gun if they want to. And sure, let’s make it easy for responsible gun owners to get their hands on a gun. I mean, the more good guys with guns the less likely a bad guy with a gun will come into your Walmart, right? Not really.

How about we start teaching people to love one another, but on a real level? I think that there are laws that can help prevent these mass shootings from happening. With every law that might be proposed, there are 5 reasons not to pass it. Every time we make it harder for a responsible person to get a gun legally, it becomes easier to ensure there are no good guys with a gun.

So, how about we take a minute and realize that the answer might not be gun control, video game censorship, OR arming all the good people with guns. The answer could be as simple as telling someone who is bullied on the regular that they are loved and special and not wrong for being weird.

I truly believe that loving people will be the ultimate way to stop these tragedies from happening.

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