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No, America is not number 1 in Coronavirus Cases


This is a misleading statement on so many levels. If you are just looking at total number of cases, then yes you are correct. But you’re looking at the wrong numbers.

USA has 330M people and 0.030% of confirmed Covid cases. 1.56% of those people have died.

Italy has 60M people in their country and 0.14% of their population has COVID. 10% of the ones who had it DIED! 10%!!!

Eliminate Democratic hot beds New York, New Jersey, California and Washington and the USA drops to 6th!.

Eliminate all other 49 states and leave New York by itself, and New York is the 6th leader in Covid – 19 .

If you are looking at just total number of cases, then yes, the USA is leading the world in Covid-19 cases. Those numbers are misleading. As stated above, America has 330 million citizens and other countries have much less.

And more importantly, the death rate should be what we should be looking at.

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