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Stop calling it a quarantine. It’s a lockdown.

Young people do not fully understand what the word “quarantine” means. According to Webster’s Dictionary, quarantine is defined as “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.”

Nowhere in that definition does it state that “perfectly healthy people for whom there is no hard evidence of any exposure to an illness should have their livelihood taken from them.” There are millions of perfectly healthy Americans who should be able to go out and live their lives. 

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The point of quarantine is to protect healthy people from being infected by people who have diseases. Take the sick people and sequester them away from the healthy people. 

In the current case, what we have is the government robbing people of their livelihoods by placing them under a lockdown. From this moment on, I urge Americans to stop using the word “quarantine” and start calling these actions “lockdowns.” 

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In California, we have been told “Hey, go to the beach. It’s okay. But… you can only walk, run, swim, jump, or somehow be active completely by yourself. Additionally laying on the sand away from other people and soaking in Vitamin D is strictly forbidden.”

That is a lockdown, not a quarantine. 

All over the country, stores like Walmart are able to let hundreds to thousands of people in their store at a time (some with or without masks). At the same time, small mom and pop stores have been completely shut down (even if they sell the same things Walmart sells.)

That is a lockdown, not a quarantine. 

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I am allowed to go stand in a line at a Burger King with other people and order food. People are allowed to make my food, package it, and hand it to me and I can take it to my car and eat it. Yet, a family restaurant is not allowed to let people they trust sit in their establishment and enjoy a meal. 

That is a lockdown, not a quarantine. 

It’s time to fight back

Americans were okay with social distancing. Americans were okay being told, “Hey, maybe instead of bringing your family of 4 to a restaurant and let the little ones run around and lick all the chairs, maybe just order takeout.” I would say Americans were largely okay with sending children home from school for a few weeks until we got a grip on what was going on. 

What Americans were not and are not okay with is being told we cannot go out and earn a living. Or alternatively, being told “if you want to pay your rent, go work at a Walmart.” Americans were told, “You will be taken care of during this time. The government will send you money via unemployment.” And when that failed to come, we were told that we could not work in lieu of receiving unemployment (and the few who did get it, ended up making more money not working than they would working.)

It is time to wake up, America! This is not a quarantine, this is a lockdown. We cannot allow our American leaders to control us any longer. We must act. The time to fight back…is now. 

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