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The American Dream is under attack

The American Dream is under attack. And… it’s not winning. 

As the American Dream is under a violent attack by the left, Americans are beginning to fight back. Business owners all over the country are told “do not open,” yet they are opening and risking the “Crown” getting angry at them. 

In Dallas, Shelly Luther was arrested, fined, and sentenced to 7 days in jail for opening up. It was sad to see an American get arrested for wanting to work to feed her children. She was eventually released by the Supreme Court of Texas. However, it is not okay to be jailed for wanting to be able to live free. 

Yes, there is unemployment insurance, but what happens when you file for unemployment and get denied? Or, it takes 4 months to hear back? A personal story for you: I applied for unemployment on March 15th. I am STILL waiting to hear back. I applied for food stamps 3 weeks ago, and was eventually approved for $12 in emergency funding. I have yet to receive my EBT card. How long does the government expect me to wait before I just say “screw it” and go out and start finding alternative ways to make money? This is not okay. 

Shelly Luther built her business on her own and was told by government officials that she was not authorized to run a business. 

Beth George is the owner of a resort called White Pines. Based out of the *communist* state of Illinois, Beth was forced to close her business for good. She said that after looking at the numbers, she was unable to take on the debt that would be required for her to operate under the state mandated regulations. 

What were those regulations? No more than 50 people at one time. She has a big party business – weddings mostly, book for hundreds of guests as a time. There is no way on earth that she would be able to do so under the current set of regulations. 

How long was she supposed to do this, you ask? Until a vaccine becomes available. A vaccine – though we have seen strong results in the ones being made currently – could take up 18 months or more to develop and be approved. 

Beth George is closing down her life’s work because the dictator in charge won’t let people risk living their own life. Maybe, just maybe, Americans are smart enough to decide whether they should have a wedding of 300 people in a resort or keep it to a smaller number.

All in all, Beth George would theoretically file for bankruptcy. However, instead, Beth decided to have a going out of business sale to raise enough money to pay back as many of her brides as she can. What a wonderful woman. 

As that sale was occurring, she was SHUT DOWN by her local police department. She says in a Facebook post that people were being responsible and socially distancing and wearing masks and she was SHUT DOWN. How the hell is it okay for Walmart, a business that could probably afford to close their doors for a year while paying all their staff and rent and still make more money than GOD, to operate with hundreds of people inside, but Beth George having maybe a dozen people in her gift shop is dangerous?

If this hasn’t crossed the line for you yet, I have no idea what will. America needs to wake up. The free trial on socialism is ending. If you don’t cancel it now, it is here to stay. 

Again, I am not saying people should take to the streets and start licking the ground after someone spits on it. And I am not saying that everyone should go to the local bar and fit 200 people into a room that was set for 75. I am saying we should let Americans work! Let Americans do their thing. Let Americans make decisions for themselves. 

Just because one Karen thinks it’s too dangerous for another Karen to go dine-in somewhere doesn’t mean ALL KARENS should only order take out. 

In Los Angeles, we have Mayor Eric Garcetti. Garcetti announced last week that the beaches would be open, but no one would be allowed on the dry sand. THE DRY SAND. You could go on the wet sand, but GOD FORBID you step foot on the dry sand.

It’s people like Garcetti who we need to point to when people ask “so where’s the plan?” Government does not do plans very well. In fact, the government tells you “hey, go to the beach. You can only stand on the wet sand and not the dry sand,” and the rest of us have to ask “well, how do we get to the wet sand?”

I won’t be surprised if Eric Garcetti decides to let people do dine-in food service but then says “you can have people dine-in for meals, but they can’t enter through a door.” I am almost willing to bet you money on that one. 

The American Dream is under attack and it’s time for true Americans to stand up and speak. It’s time to fight back. The Great American Reopening needs to begin and it should have started 3 weeks ago. We need to save our economy. We need to save the vulnerable, and we need to act now. 

Well, that’s all the time I have for you today. See you tomorrow at 6pm. 

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