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What is the future of Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete Buttigieg took America by storm. He was the first Presidential candidate who is openly gay. He is the current Mayor of South Bend, IN. Now, he is endorsing the former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, in his attempt to become the next President.

It seems that Pete has a place in Biden’s hypothetical administration. Should Biden lose, what future does Pete have in American Politics?

Most Likely

In the best case scenario, Pete would move to an uber-liberal state like New York or California and rise in the ranks of that state’s political system. Pete has a history of not being able to win elections outside of South Bend.

After spending a year on the national stage, he might have a really good chance of being one of the next Governors of California.

If he doesn’t more to California, the next best thing for him would be a political organizer for other Candidates. Pete has a platform to help get others elected. I guess we will see how well he does after the 2020 election is actually done.

Less Likely

This option is less likely, but I think its the one I want the most. Mayor Pete as a liberal talking head on CNN or MSNBC, or a podcast. With Chris Matthews out of MSNBC, I think Pete might make a great host on that show.

Pete is a good looking guy, he’s well spoken, and he can be aggressive. I think he would be incredible in that roll.


He won’t be President.

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